Known in the industry as Audio Greeters, we prefer to call these sophisticated devices by what they really are, Revenue Generators. These devices play a “greeting” at the drive-thru post, up selling customers on current promotions and specialty items, allowing you to promote higher margin items, which leads to increased sales and bottom line profits. When considering Return On Investment of equipment, nothing compares to an Audio Greeter!

Advanced 3G from 3M
Designed exclusively for 3M’s XT-1 Drive Thru system this 100% digital system gives superior sound quality. The different modes of operation allow you to play different messages individually, sequentially, alternating, or back to back.

A300 from 3M
A solid unit from a name that you already trust thatwill integrate with most drive thru systems. Easy to operate pushbutton controls with status lights. Record messages with external microphone or directly load prerecorded messages.

eGreeter from Premier Technology
Cutting edge technology with extensive features including daypartings.